The European Union decrees that soy milk is not milk

The European Union decrees that soy milk is not milk

A judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that the term milk could no longer be used to refer to drinks of plant origin, especially those made from soybeans and tofu. Likewise, those referring to other dairy products, such as yogurt, or cheese may not be used. According to the ruling, the term milk may only be used in those of animal origin.

The judgment is a response to a lawsuit brought against a German company called TofuTown, which made plant-based food products, and which sold its products with labels such as tofu butter.

Although there will be exceptions, of course. The EU allows the milk name and that of its managers to be used in those products in which it has been a tradition to use it for a long time, such as coconut milk or corn milk. Here we provide you with the list with all these exceptions.

Of course, the products affected by this law will not disappear from the supermarket shelves, but their manufacturers will have to strive to find a new name that is clear, direct and complies with the regulations.


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