The G20 isolates Trump with climate change and the Paris Agreement

The G20 isolates Trump with climate change and the Paris Agreement

According to negotiating sources informed Efe, the final text includes the phrase that all the members of this forum of industrialized and emerging economies except the US "want to quickly implement ”theParis Agreement, the first global instrument to fight againstglobal warming, signed in the French capital at the end of 2015.
In addition, it is emphasized in the consensus document that the Paris Agreement is"non-negotiable“, Closing the door to any changes to the text as proposed by Trump when announcing the US exit from the agreement, a fact on whichthe other 19 "take note“.

The statement leaves Trump isolated on the climate issue and also reveals that the US has not obtained any support on this issue from other countries, despite the fact that it had been speculated that Washington could add Saudi Arabia, Turkey or even Indonesia to its cause. , all members of the G20.

Phrases in exchange for ...

In exchange for the US admitting this phrase about the Paris Agreement, US negotiators have inserted a controversial phrase into the final statement about the use of fossil fuels.

The ruling says that the US will help third countries to "use fossil fuels", such ascoal and oil, “cleaner and more effective“.
However, direct pressure from the French President, Emmanuel Macron, has made this sentence more nuanced by adding"As well as other renewable and clean energy sources."

This mention of fossil fuels is controversial because in principle many delegations did not want them to appear in the declaration, since the objective is to drastically reduce their use for what they pollute.

Once the deal was closed, Macron was late to his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and excused himself saying it was for "fixing the last things on the climate."
"I hope the weather improves," Putin joked before confirming that Moscow continues to support the Paris Agreement.


Different NGOs applauded the decision to stand firm in the fight against climate change despite Trump's position, such as Avaaz, who in a statement stated that the US president “came, saw and failed " with his "climatic coup ".

The environmental group Greenpeace, which advocates ending the use of fossil fuels, today deployed a poster on a bridge in Hamburg demanding the "End of coal" to the G20 leaders.

In this way, the stumbling block of climate change is saved in the final declaration and the global agreement is seen closer, since the differences on international trade were previously resolved.


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