This is the new London Taxi: the Chinese have changed the diesel for a hybrid engine

This is the new London Taxi: the Chinese have changed the diesel for a hybrid engine

The typical London taxis have to catch up, companies like Uber push very hard with well-installed services in the capital, so they have to find a way to be more attractive. Renewing the vehicle is one of the options.

Black cars will continue to be black, but inside they will be much greener as they switch from diesel to hybrid powertrain. Although they will not be operational until next November, we can show you their final appearance and the features that this TX eCity boasts.

The new Taxi will be in a better position to fight with the crowd of Prius that Uber offers in the capital, also against the Mercedes London Vito

The company behind it all is London Taxi Company, which has been running the London service since 1948. Now is the time to change brands and become known as the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC). For those who do not know, this company was bought in 2013 by the Chinese giant Geely, who are also the owners of Volvo.

The new car will be able to travel 112 kilometers using its batteries, and in the event that these were to run out, a gasoline engine would continue to push the vehicle to achieve a range of 640 kilometers.

Taking into account that the average number of kilometers traveled by a taxi driver in London is 193 km, according to LEVC they could save about 100 pounds a week in fuel, and have a car with less maintenance.

The figure may be better if instead of plugging in the 1.3-liter gasoline engine they can go to use the fast chargers that London has planned for 2018: we are talking about 300 stations that charge cars in 45 minutes.

As it is inside? Well, there is room for six people, it has a panoramic roof, and from Volvo it borrows things like the touch screen and digital instrumentation. We can charge our gadgets via USB and there should be free WiFi inside.

Before the end of the year there should be 150 of these cars on the streets of London.

It is not something they like, it is that the capital's traffic authority (TfL) imposes new rules: as of January 1, 2018, all new taxis will be electric, or capable of emitting zero emissions through the center from the city.

If we add to this measure that London taxis can only have a maximum life of 15 years, we can say that the last diesel in operation will have a deadline of 2032.

Geely's investment in LEVC is very strong, 330 million pounds to cap a factory in Conventry that is capable of producing 24,000 cars per year. The idea is not to stay in the UK and to export your taxi beyond the islands: 225 of them go to Amsterdam.


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