Millions of Italians rise up against the new compulsory vaccination law

Millions of Italians rise up against the new compulsory vaccination law

Protesters on the streets of major cities across the country are joining the measure. The media minimize and suppress the scale of events.

For more than a month Italians have been protesting in every major city against the proposed law.
Children must receive 53 doses of mandatory vaccines.Unvaccinated children will not be allowed to attend school. If they attend without being vaccinated they will have to return home."In 2014 in Washington, during the visit of Lorenzin (Italian Minister of Health), Italy was chosen as the world leader in vaccine strategy." A speaker at the Rome protest explained. "The problem is not the vaccines themselves, the problem is that Glaxo is within our Ministry."

Italy is at the forefront of a vaccination experiment

It was carried out by the Italian government corrupted by Big Pharma dollars. By allowing pharmaceutical companies to create new laws and bind the entire population against their consent, the Italian government has betrayed its people. The protesters in Italy represent the entire mobilized united working class.

They resist the greed of the ruling class and corporate elites.

By actively supporting the compulsory vaccination law, the mainstream media are fighting violently against the people. The media are protecting the interests of the ruling class.

Senator Bartolomeo Pepe says the Italian people are rising up because the government is taking away their rights: "The sovereignty of the individual is eroding in favor of corporations. Greed has overtaken dignity. Now we are fighting not only for vaccines. What is at stake is the freedom of the people. "People are cut off from the interests of multinational corporations, like pharmaceuticals, as in this case, or oil, or banks.

We will soon have to fight on many fronts. The measure that the government and mainstream media continue to suppress the progress of this important movement. Yet people continue to rise. She is determined to resist the worst medical fraud in history.

Gabriele milani

Gabriele Milani, father of a child injured by a vaccine, also addressed the agitated crowd and warned doctors who tolerated Big Pharma's dictatorial practices: "Doctors may have their pockets lined up by pharmaceutical companies today. But tomorrow too they will lose their freedom. I am addressing the medical professionals too. They seem to be ignoring that today we are the pioneers of this battle that will affect them eventually.

Because they too will lose their freedom of thought. Because they too will not be able to choose which therapies to recommend or advise against.

Each of us is a unique individual, with our unique genetic heritage. Therefore, the same drug cannot be compulsory for everyone. "The western media continues to suppress information about the scale and intensity of the revolution taking place on the Italian streets.
The media refuse to defend people who are having their constitutional rights eroded by a corrupt government for Big Pharma dollars.

Said a spokesperson for the event: "This mandate is unconstitutional, and this decree-law is unconstitutional because there is no emergency. It is unconstitutional because it prohibits access to education. It is unconstitutional because it violates bodily integrity ratified by the European Convention on Human Rights." While the world is distracted by the G20 and the threat of geopolitical conflict, elites are trying to take away people's rights.

However, the first march in Rome has generated a powerful wave of freedom. City marches are held all over the country.
They will continue to gain momentum until the Italian government backs down and listens to the will of the people. The union of all these people has shown that unity is a powerful force that the elite cannot ignore.

Due to pressure from the people, the government has announced revisions to the law. But they are still pushing for mandatory vaccines.
The fight is not over yet.

We all have to come together to make sure this compulsory vaccination law does not pass in Italy. We must not allow any other country to authorize Big Pharma to enter its state institutions.


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