Change your body rhythm to find health

Change your body rhythm to find health

By Mª José Navarro

For example: the different kinds of plants, herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs also have their special rhythm, a cosmic tone according to their spiritual development. In this way, if the body rhythm of the patient is not completely in line with the rhythm of nature or of a certain medicinal plant, then neither nature nor the plant can act on the diseased organ to the extent that they could do so if they were , both the patient's body rhythm and that of the plant, in tune.

The whole organism is melody. Each organ has a special tone. All the organs together, also the glands and hormones produce the melody of the body. The rhythm of the body then corresponds to the sound of the body. The tones of the organs cannot be captured with the ears or with human instruments, however the body rhythm is visible and ultimately also audible, since an excited person causes a lot of commotion around him, on the contrary a calm person is collected in itself and does not attract much attention with its affairs.

The peaceful person whose conscience is instructed through the realization of the eternal laws are awake, focused and receptive people. Quiet, God-oriented human beings grasp more in an instant than a boisterous man can often comprehend in hours or even days or years. Men of the Spirit are also in a position to grasp and absorb the spiritual and material substances of herbs, because they are balanced and oriented inward. That is why they also have a harmonious body rhythm that matches the rhythm of nature.

Whoever wants to take advantage of the cosmic forces that act in nature, in everything that exists, must first be willing to change their life and orient themselves towards cosmic forces, towards the laws of infinity and nature. The following also applies here: equals brings equals. The superior forces strengthen and fertilize each other, on the contrary, the human, inferior and depolarized energies of wanting to be, possess and have act destroying and weakening.

Mª José Navarro (24764815W)
From the publication: "Origin and formation of diseases"

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