What do we celebrate today, August 1st?

What do we celebrate today, August 1st?

The original peoples of Latin America will celebrate throughout the day one of the most significant dates for human beings: the Day of Pachamama, the Mother Earth. Like every August 1, there will be festivals with music, traditional dances and the ancestral ritual that consists of lighting cane and rue and burying food in gratitude for the food that the land provides.

Many communities are already prepared to receive and celebrate this belief that has spread over time despite the Spanish colonization. The indigenous people thank the universe ("Pacha") for all the harvest that the earth offers them to live by burying food as an offering and gratitude.

For native peoples, everything essential comes from the land. Without it, human beings would be unable to produce absolutely anything for their survival. The raw material, life itself, has its origin in the "Pacha", to which "man belongs because she is the germinating force of nature."

In addition, the belief holds that as the Earth shelters man, he also feels hunger and thirst, so the ceremony consists of feeding him. For that, deep wells are dug in which food and drink are left, while the gods are invoked. According to the believers, the Pachamama is generous with good people, but "does not tolerate the ungrateful."

The central ritual to the Pachamama is the challa or pago. Among the offerings that are made to the Earth in its day are coca leaves, alcohol, cigarettes, food, chicha and even incense is lit to drive away the evils that want to attack it. In the meantime, a circle is formed in which believers hold hands and say prayers.

Many people spend today cleaning their homes, smoking them, and then offering the earth the first serving of the best food they can make.

Others prepare a bottle of cane with rue leaves and take a sip on an empty stomach until August 17, it is said that in this way, the land is intoxicated with joy.

Whatever your way of celebrating, the important thing is that today you take a few minutes to thank the Earth for all that it offers us and apologize for how little we take care of it.

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