Tinder in favor of animals

Tinder in favor of animals

Tinder is one of the most used social networks. Your goal is for your users to meet people, get dates, or just post their photos to get noticed. Among the latter are those who post photographs with animals.

The platform has recently noticed a considerable increase in photographs of its users with animals, which is why it has decided, in alliance with the PETA group, to call on them to stop uploading selfies with tigers.

July 29 International Tiger Day

“It's time for tiger selfies to go away. More often than desired, these photos show beautiful creatures that have been uprooted from their natural environment. Wild animals deserve to live in nature ”, They explain on their website.

“They abuse these spectacular creatures, which have been removed from their natural environment. Wild animals deserve to live in their habitat. We ask you, as part of our Tinder community, to make a change "they have argued.

Tinder has taken other strategies in favor of animal care: it makes donations to the Project Cat organization when users publish images in an attitude of respect for the environment such as riding a bicycle, planting trees, protecting animals from the street, etc. And most importantly, $ 10,000 will be donated for each user who deletes their selfie with tigers.

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