Maximum alert in Europe! ¨Lucifer¨ causes the worst heat wave in 50 years

Maximum alert in Europe! ¨Lucifer¨ causes the worst heat wave in 50 years

Never so well used the name "Lucifer". It is an anticyclone that has caused forest fires and already claimed five lives.

In some cities they have taken extreme measures: restriction of traffic and prohibition of working outdoors during the hottest part of the day. They suggest staying home and drinking plenty of water, avoiding straining, and not consuming alcohol. The Belgrade Institute of Public Health recommends that if you do not have air conditioning, place damp towels on the windows.

While Europe is used to scorching summers, meteorologists note that it is unusual for such high temperatures to last for so many days.

What happens in other countries

The IFRC issued a statement in which it is reported that Austria, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia are suffering these days temperatures above 42 ° C. The organization has volunteers in some places to assist vulnerable people.

The Red Cross in Spain is active on 300 beaches to provide first aid, while in the Netherlands it gives advice to bathers after a series of drownings have occurred.

While in France, teams from the organization distribute water to homeless people, inform and advise on the heat wave.

In Croatia, the Red Cross also distributes water and even hand fans especially to drivers caught in traffic.

The IFRC's health coordinator in Europe, Jeya Kulasingam, stressed that the heat wave mainly affects those with the following health problems: hypertension, asthma and heart conditions, as well as the elderly and children.

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