Science explains why spending time outdoors is good

Science explains why spending time outdoors is good

By Sarah Romero

In the digital age, there seems to be less need than ever to venture away from home for our leisure and entertainment. Children and adults do not need to venture behind the doors of home to find their friends. We just need to open an application or social network and voila, a whole sea of ​​social possibilities.

But does that mean playing outside or spending time outside is out of date? Of course not. It shouldn't be that way, as outdoor activities are more than just entertainment: getting out into nature is good for the health of everyone in the family, and eIn this gallery we take a look at some of the health benefits of spending time outside the home, outdoors, in contact with nature.
We cannot deny that most of us spend a great deal of time indoors and some hardly go outside at all, much less during the day. Unfortunately, staying indoors for a long time can have serious effects on our health,Both physically and mentally. Today we will see why it is so important to go out from time to time.
If your job keeps you in a cubicle every day, or you work in information technology and you don't usually come out of your 'cave' too much, you are doing your own body a disservice.
To get started,our body needs vitamin D from direct sunlightto keep our bones healthy and avoid diseases like osteoporosis. Similarly, a number of studies have shown that simply spending time in nature, and not just outdoors (in a park or in the countryside), can increase our creativity and cognitive function. So if you have a chance, have lunch outside, preferably in the park, and get some sun.

Keep in mind thatexercise is easier outdoors.So is. There are plenty of ways to be physically active indoors - of course - and it is also possible to be inactive outdoors - of course. But, as a general rule, it is easier to exercise outside. This is especially true for children, who are less likely than adults to use home gym equipment such as treadmills or spinning bikes, which adults use to exercise in a controlled environment and may more comfortable.
Why is the outdoors more conducive to exercise? For one thing, there is plenty of room to move, and many typical outdoor activities require movement. But not only that. Typically, we feel more inspired to exercise when outdoors, and many studies have found that green helps make exercise easier in the same way that red and yellow subconsciously cause hunger. We can find a lot of green outdoors in plants, trees, grass ...

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