Ikea and Tesla battle over the home solar panel business

Ikea and Tesla battle over the home solar panel business

Hege Saebjornsen, Sustainability Manager, IKEA UK and Ireland comments: “At IKEA, we are always looking for ways to help customers take positive action at home for the environment and the economy. We know that our customers want to live more sustainably, and together with Solarcentury we will help them get more value from their solar panels and save money. "

Electricity consumption costs have risen 15% year-to-date in the UK, presenting the ideal opportunity for IKEA to offer the storage battery and solar home package.

Solar panel values ​​will start at £ 6,925 (US $ 9,157), and battery prices will start at £ 5,000 (US $ 6,612). These values ​​could be amortized in about twelve years.

The energy generated by these panels is stored in a battery of respectable size - although not as bulky as Tesla's - and if someone interested already has a solar installation at home, they can purchase these batteries independently.

This IKEA home solar system is designed to completely revolutionize the domestic renewable energy market, solar home owners will now be able to maximize the amount of electricity generated by their solar panels, since they will be able to store and use their own energy when they need it. In principle, they are offering the most competitive package on the market in the UK.

According to those in charge of the company, a conventional house in the United Kingdom will consume approximately 40% of the energy generated with this solution, and 60% can be resold to the British electricity grid, although with a lower value than it would have in the conventional market. At IKEA they indicate that with batteries it is possible to store that electricity to use it later, which would increase the use of the energy generated by a theoretical maximum of 80%.

IKEA will put its Solar Plus storage package on sale online shortly, in stores it will be available later this year. The package includes a 3.3-kWh LG Chem battery. This battery is intended to store the electricity generated by the solar panels of the house.

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