Drones that can plant up to 100,000 trees in one day

Drones that can plant up to 100,000 trees in one day

In many ways, technological advances can improve our lives. They can also become a contribution to the health of our planet, becoming a solution for pollution or promoting the use of alternative energies.

A British organization, BioCarbon Engineering, has built a fleet of drones that are capable of planting one hundred thousand trees in a single day. In this way, the project intends to begin in September to reforest a forest in Burma whose ecosystem has been severely damaged in recent decades.

The idea is to work alongside a local organization that has been planting trees in that area along the Irawadi River for years, but at a very slow pace. Through the use of drones, reforestation can be accelerated and thus the locals will be in charge of worrying about the growth of the trees.

For the program to work, the drones will drop the seeds from above, but first they will check which are the best places to plant. They will use satellite images so that the seeds fall in optimal places and do not end up getting lost on rocks or non-fertile areas.

“If you do an aerial dispersal, you just plant the seeds wherever they are, they might hit a rock or a swamp and they won't survive. But our program controls that, ”explains Irina Fedorenko, co-founder of BioCarbon Engineering.

A trained pilot can control up to six drones at the same time, while these devices are ten times faster than people planting trees, which also means a significant reduction in the costs of this activity. Now we have to wait how this project works in Burma to evaluate the use of drones planting trees and their future implementation in other places.

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