Firewood from fruit waste. A greener and cleaner alternative

Firewood from fruit waste. A greener and cleaner alternative

The raw material to make these alternative logs is the waste generated from the juicer industry. This biofuel called BIOT is manufactured with the pomace of the fruit.

Two entrepreneurs from Neuquén, Argentina, are its creators: Cristina Di Francesco and José Aramberri. They define this firewood as a renewable, powerful and economical alternative.

The procedure for its manufacture is simple, the material is allowed to air, the mixture is made and it is cut; In fifteen days the artificial firewood is ready and packaged.

In the province there are many isolated villages that do not have natural gas, or even access to bottled gas, they usually use firewood, but it has a high cost, so this new material is a good alternative for the region.

According to INTI tests, “this firewood has 4,254 kilos calories, comparable to quebracho wood, which has 4,000.

To highlight:

It does not generate contamination, it does not leave much ash and it does not cover the runs because it does not contain resin. And also, it is 50% cheaper than wood.

Comparison with the other options

  • Artificial firewood, according to its inventors, is 30% cheaper than conventional firewood
  • Market prices indicate that they cost 50% less than wood briquettes
  • If the comparison is made with bottled gas, it is 20% cheaper than the carafe.
  • The INTI certified that BIOT can be compared to hard firewoods such as carob or piquillín.
  • Until now, the fruit pomace was discarded in the fence or in urban garbage dumps.

Unfortunately, it does not have enough state support, perhaps for fear of harming the gas extraction activity in the area, one of the province's commodities.

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