Spain's plan to eliminate plastic bags by 2020

Spain's plan to eliminate plastic bags by 2020

Many consider plastic bags as simple waste and many times do not take into account the impacts they can have on the environment when they are thrown in the trash, or elsewhere. They pollute our landscapes, oceans, harm animals and estimates of how long they take to decompose vary between 20 to 1,000 years.

Return to old habits

Who remembers when and how this environmental catastrophe of plastic bags happened? Fortunately, some governments are already taking steps to reverse the situation. Spain is one of the countries that determined that as of January 1, 2020, it will return to the old habit of the reusable bag and will incorporate the most modern degradable bag, eliminating the conventional plastic bag whose manufacture comes from oil from circulation.

As of 2018, the bags will no longer be free, by regulation, those with between 15 and 50 microns will cost between 2 and 10 cents in all stores. Degradable bags of less than 15 microns can continue to be delivered free of charge.

The measure to be taken after 2020 will consist of banning the sale of lightweight and fragmentable plastic bags. Only the sale and use of bags of more than 50 microns thick made with more than 30% recycled material and compostable ones destined to transport food that are sold in bulk will be allowed.

These measures imply that in the coming years, Spain will have to reduce its consumption of plastic bags by more than half. Currently the figure is alarming: 13.5 billion plastic bags per year, which is equivalent to about 300 per person. And worst of all, only 35% is recycled and its consumption generates almost 100,000 tons of waste per year.

Options for replacing plastic bags when shopping

The measure, which seeks to avoid contamination, will force neighbors to return to monkeys, cloth bags or to look for some other option such as wicker baskets or folding bags. In this article You can see a good list of options to replace plastic bags, you may find out about some that you did not know and find useful.

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