The best environmental short films of the Festival de Mexico

The best environmental short films of the Festival de Mexico

1. Arborecer

What would a tree have to tell us if it spoke? The tree, a character in this short film, tells us about his tastes, his love for his immediate surroundings and his desires, creating beautiful images that convey to us for a moment the feeling of peace and fullness that this character experiences when living in the forest.

2. The Aeronauts

In the middle of a desert, a tribe survives on what little land gives it. Day after day the clan reaps the poor fruits of its environment to offer them to their god Ávolos, a winged giant who lives on a rock suspended in the sky. With each sacrifice, his god grants a farmer to climb the floating kingdom, where everyone hopes to find grasslands and abundance, a life very different from what they must endure. Soo'goh, the weakest of the clan, will seek to free all obstacles to reach that paradise that everyone longs for.

3. Guardians
Guardianes is a fictional documentary that raises the serious problem of water scarcity in Mérida, Yucatán, in the year 2022

4. Ollin and the tlaloques
Ollin is an indigenous boy from a small town, where two years of drought have already passed; the little one is sent by his mother to the nearest river in search of the little water that remains, both for the villagers and for the animals.

5. The future of climate change
The Future of Climate Change is an animated short by Javier Ángeles that introduces us to three friends from school who share their perspectives on climate change.

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