Bialowieza, Europe's last virgin forest, is being destroyed

Bialowieza, Europe's last virgin forest, is being destroyed

But the government and business people don't care about a thing, they are cutting down the trees in Bialowieza to make plywood and pallets. Your voice is needed to stop this disaster.

To the defenders of the last thousand-year-old forest of Europe:

Open letter

The Bialowieza Forest is invaluable and is a living sample of our history. It is part of our common heritage and as such we have to value it and protect it from human greed and stupidity.

Defenders and guardians of the forest who are on the front line to defend the forest, its ancient trees and its incredible variety of fauna and flora.

You fight on behalf of each and everyone, and you are not alone. You have our support, our solidarity and our gratitude. From all corners of Europe, we are witnessing your fight to defend the forest.

Because it is important

In eastern Poland, logging is destroying the Bia? Owie? A forest with the approval of the government [1]. It is the last virgin forest in Europe and is part of our common heritage, whose value is incalculable. However, their trees are being cut down to make plywood and pallets. The only thing that stands between the trees and the loggers is the power of the people's voice.

After taking power, the current Polish government approved intensive logging in protected areas of the forest under the guise of fighting a bark beetle infestation - a pretext that has been disputed by Polish and European scientists [2]. In reality, the sale of wood is for profit. More than 50,000 trees have already been felled, many of them centuries old [3].

Just a few weeks ago, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) responded to the complaint filed by the European Commission and ordered Poland to stop logging to avoid irreversible damage while the Court makes the final judgment. However, the Polish government has ignored all requests to save the forest, including those from the scientific community and NGOs, protests and requests from UNESCO [4] and even the ECJ order. Thus, Poland has become the first country in the EU to disobey a court order [5].

Can no authority stop them?

They are called Defenders of the Forest. They are the people who stop logging machines, block access roads and disrupt logging, sometimes with their own bodies. His actions have saved hundreds of trees. Now many of them face harassment, fines, legal action and physical violence [6]. To continue their fight, they need to know that they are not alone. And to feel safe, they need visibility.

We can help them by attracting international attention, so that defenders - and loggers - know that we are vigilant. We can give them strength with a powerful message of solidarity from all corners of Europe. And we can provide much-needed help through donations so that their defense of the forest remains strong during the harsh winter.

We will transfer each and every one of your names to the Defenders of the Forest Camp. Your name could be there. With your signature you not only show them your solidarity, but you yourself become one more guardian of the forest.

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This campaign is in collaboration with Obóz dla Puszczy - “El Campamento del Bosque”, camp of the defenders of the forest

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