A judge stops Temer's decree to open an Amazon reserve to mining activity

A judge stops Temer's decree to open an Amazon reserve to mining activity

The Brazilian federal courts put a stop to the decree signed on July 28 by de facto president Temer on the opening of the RENCA reserve (Reserva Nacional do Cobre e Associados) to mining activity.

The decree caused strong criticism in the community of environmental organizations and in government opposition. The pressure forced the courts to reconsider the decree.

The environmental organization WWF criticized the measure as a potential threat to protected natural areas located in that region, as well as to the local population.

The opposition defined Temer's intention as"the worst attack on the Amazon in almost half a century."

By decommissioning that region and allowing its mining exploitation, it would only contribute to worsening regional climatic conditions, already greatly affected by the million square kilometers of Amazonas (one fifth) that was devastated by the greed of international loggers and companies. iron and gold mining.

Temer assured that with his decision he intendedattract investment for the exploitation of deposits of copper, gold, nickel, among other metals and that would be preserved protected and indigenous areas of this reserve.

Characteristics of the Renca

It is located in a territory of about four million hectares (47,000 square kilometers) in the Amazon in the north of Brazil, it was created in 1984, during the military dictatorship, and was reserved until now only for its use or exploitation by the State.

The Renca area contains three integral conservation units: the Jari Ecological Station, the Tumucumaque Mountains National Park and the Maicuru Biological Reserve. In its interior two indigenous communities coexist and there are, in addition, four reserves of sustainable use(that is, of exploitation by the tribes themselves).

Condition to future decisions

In its order of suspension, Federal Court number 21 went further and conditioned the debate in Congressany related measure to be taken in the future.

In his decision, the judge emphasizes that any alteration in the use of existing resources in the reserve can only be madein the form of law.

The Attorney General's Office has already announced thatwill appeal this decision.

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