Oasis Eco Resort, an incredible luxury Eco Hotel, in the middle of the desert

Oasis Eco Resort, an incredible luxury Eco Hotel, in the middle of the desert

The concept of luxury accommodations is reaching the most inhospitable and unexpected places. Hotels under the sea, in the middle of the tropical jungle ... and this time, in the desert.

The Oasis Eco Resort is located in the middle of the desert in the Arab Emirates. The Solar-Powered Desert Retreat (SPDR), is a project ofBaharash ArchitectureBA, ( This dazzling star-shaped hotel will be completed in 2020 with an investment of 21 million dollars. Another peculiarity of the hotel, in addition to its location, is that it is an ecological, sustainable, friendly project with the environment.

Suites around a natural spring

The first challenge for the construction of this mega Eco Hotel was to ensure the water supply. A spring was found in the area and it was decided to build around it giving it another luxury feature.

Water is not only important for supplying the hotel, but also for irrigating crops and maintaining fish sources that will supply the resort's restaurants. The gastronomic proposal will be natural, organic, fresh and healthy, another plus for this sustainable venture. One more detail: the hotel has a team of biologists in charge of caring for the wildlife in the area and also guiding guests in harvesting food and fishing from the source that the chef will then prepare to their liking.

84 are the suites to be built, which will be supplied with clean energy through solar panels. The views of the desert dunes from magnificent terraces will not be neglected and at the same time they will be spaces of intimacy for hotel guests. The rooms have the most modern technology and smart glass that allows natural light to enter but does not allow the room to be seen from the outside.

“Staying in this eco-friendly retreat, in the heart of a beautiful desert, will be a rejuvenating experience, and this building will provide authentic exclusivity and tranquility in an area that has remained intact for centuries, and is home to thriving wildlife such as the antelopeOryx, the gazelles and the camels ”, advance fromBaharash Architecture.

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