Algae dome that with solar energy and CO2 can produce superfoods and oxygen

Algae dome that with solar energy and CO2 can produce superfoods and oxygen

The creators of this system imagine bus stops turned into domes and claim that it could clean the air around transport hubs in places with the highest levels of pollution in countries such as India or China of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. .

It is, at least, what Aleksander Wadas, Rafal Wroblewski and Anna Stempniewicz, architects of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts who created Algae Dome for the Danish laboratory SPACE 10, suggest. During the fair in which it was presented,the facility pursued the goal of educating about algae, in particular on its ability to tackle pollution through photosynthesis.

For this reason, turning the Algae Dome into an attractive space and enabled to walk inside was a maxim in its design for the fair, in which it combined its function in promoting the value of algae, with that of"Air purification zone".

Butthe possible applications of algae and systems analogous tothis design They go beyond, if freeing the air of harmful substances wasn't enough. "Algae Dome pIt may have future uses as a way to produce superfoods, feed, fertilizers, construction materials and biofuels ”, they point from SPACE 10 to, from the general, to the more concrete.

Thus, in addition to a bus stop for air regeneration, this innovative structure "It could be an alternative and sustainable source of food in developing countries", as well as a point for the treatment of wastewater from the agriculture industry, and for the production of biofertilizers or feed supplements for animals with the resulting biomass.

For this reason, Algae Dome, that ephemeral oasis that could be enjoyed in Denmark, has guarantees to become durable. "It is the proof of the concept of sustainabilityin architecture and how we can use different materials to address some of the main social, economic and political problems "According to Stepniewicz, one of the promoters of this creation, as spectacular as it is useful.

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