Increasingly giant hurricanes due to climate change

Increasingly giant hurricanes due to climate change

By Angel Guerra Cabrera

The issue of hurricanes and how much climate change is influencing their periodicity, their increase in category and, consequently, their destructive power and capacity to threaten life and property, is an issue of the greatest importance for the peoples and governments of the Caribbean area and the Gulf of Mexico, including the United States. There is overwhelming scientific evidence on the incidence of climate change in the generation of extreme weather events. In the days of Harvey's passage through the United States, several well-known researchers stated this categorically.

This is the case of James Hansen, former head of climate change at NASA and with similar functions at Columbia University, who told the Democracy Now portal:“As a consequence of the changes in the composition of the atmosphere, caused mainly by the burning of fossil fuels, the planet is warming and the sea level has started to rise due to the fact that the ocean is warming and the ice is melting. . The volume of water vapor in the atmosphere is increasing because the atmosphere is warming, and consequently the amount of water that falls during these storms is greater due to human-caused global warming. Electrical storms, tornadoes, and tropical storms get their energy from energy that is latent in water vapor. These storms are largely the result of human-made effects. "

For its part, the Carbon Breef website publishes an eloquent map that reflects the study of the influence of climate change on 144 extreme meteorological events analyzed in 138 refereed scientific articles climate-change-affects-extreme-meteorological-events-around-the-world.

And no doubt, capitalism is the fundamental cause of climate change. As long as the irrational and suicidal current model of production and consumption persists, it will not be possible to eradicate the origin of what John Saxe-Fernández calls climate collapse. However, I am confident that we will not have to wait for the overthrow of capitalism to move forward in the fight against climate disruption. Much can be achieved in educating people about this very serious danger and in organizing popular struggles that force capitalist states to adopt measures that reduce the causes and effects of the phenomenon. The fact that Trump represents a trend that denies climate change in the historically most polluting and wasteful capitalist country, reinforces the need for the left and the revolutionary and progressive governments to put the fight against this scourge at the top of their agendas.

For now, solidarity with the countries affected by this season's hurricanes is urgent, especially with the poor or blocked by the United States and also with the disadvantaged in any country. The almost total media silence about Irma's devastating passage through Cuba, the nation most devastated, or affected, from one end of its territory to another, by this organization has been perverse. In contrast to the fact that the island, together with Venezuela, has initiated solidarity actions with the most affected states of the Caribbean, such as Antigua and Barbuda.

Cuba demonstrated to Irma the political awareness, discipline, organization and foresight that distinguish it. If the course of this hurricane is observed there, it is understood that only due to these factors, the experience of civil defense accumulated massively by the Cubans and the extraordinary protection measures adopted, it is possible to avoid a greater loss of human life and mitigate the of material goods.

Once Irma's passage through the island was concluded, immediately a human swarm, encouraged and supervised by Raúl, began to accelerate the recovery work, which in some cases will take a long time.

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