The electric bicycle is already authorized and regulated in Buenos Aires

The electric bicycle is already authorized and regulated in Buenos Aires

The standard qualifies this class of wheeled vehicles as a “two- or three-wheel vehicle, with an auxiliary electric motor and driven by the effort of the user, whose power decreases progressively, and which is finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches a speed of 25 km. / h, or earlier if the cyclist stops pedaling ”.

Pedal-assist electric motor bikes are models that charge from any outlet. This light transport will allow the porteños to make longer journeys´.

The rider can choose between three gears: Alta, which provides the most assistance on the pedals, for terrain with many slopes. Normal: the most used in urban areas, set for speed changes, traffic lights, traffic congestion and Eco mode, for long-distance trips. The autonomy of the battery for the first case is 60 km, the second 85 and the third 125. The battery needs to be three hours charging, and it is done in the same way as a cell phone. When traveling, when the battery runs out, the bike works like a normal one.

"The electric bicycle with assisted pedaling will help integrate other actors who cannot use it today, such as the elderly, people with disabilities, or pregnant women", but there is a restriction for children under 16 years of age.

As a safety requirement to enable its circulation on public roads, a braking system is required that acts on the wheels and that is activated from the handlebars; a horn to attract attention under medium traffic conditions; a rear-view mirror positioned in such a way as to allow the driver to see at least 70 meters away; a red reflector element at the rear and a white one at the front. In addition, when driving at night, use a red light facing backwards and a white or flashing light facing forward, both visible from no less than one hundred meters in the corresponding direction.

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