September 22: International Amazon Mobilization

September 22: International Amazon Mobilization

COICA calls all of humanity to actively and starringly join the first Pan-Amazon mobilization for this Friday, September 22

  • Its main demand is an emergency UN International Mission to stop ethnocide and deforestation in the Amazon
  • The Panamazonic Social Forum - FOSPA fully subscribes and adheres to this mobilization and gives here precise indications so that each and every one can support it

“Defend the peoples in voluntary isolation and initial contact. We demand that States respect their right to self-determination, recognize them, demarcate and protect their territories and guarantee their cross-border nature "


Nine indigenous confederations, one for each of the nine Amazonian countries, comprising 400 national federations and thousands of communities, make up COICA, Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin. They all have one factor in common, the threat of extermination as peoples and of material destruction of the largest forest and aquifer reserve on the planet.

It is not possible to exaggerate this danger or ignore that it looms over all of humanity, without exception.

Although the Amazonian peoples are in the first line of defense in this fight for life, the Amazon lovingly interacts with every other biome on the planet. Their loss would inevitably also be the loss of rainfall and the increase of devastating cyclones in places as distant as the Andes, Buenos Aires, New York and Indonesia.

As we write these letters, between 20% and 30% of that treasure of life has already been destroyed. At the current rate of predation, in 2030 the point of no return will be reached, rendering this reserve and its planetary ecological function unrecoverable. And this, without considering that the greatest power in the world today has a President who denies the existence of climate change and global warming.

As a macabre corollary of this context, just a few days ago, at least 20 indigenous Amazonians in isolation in Brazil, near the Peruvian border, have been killed by gold-seeking miners.

Faced with these serious and urgent realities, COICA calls on the conscience of humanity as a whole to join and support the First Amazon Mobilization next Friday, September 22, 2017. A decision made by its Directing and Coordinating Councils.

Its central motto is: "LIVING AMAZON, SAFE HUMANITY", to which can be added all the other related slogans that people and spaces consider pertinent in each country and locality of the Amazon and the world, according to their demands, proposals and struggles .

The main joint demand of the mobilization is an international emergency mission of the UN to the Amazon, whose urgency is evident in the recent murder of the Amazonian indigenous people in Brazil.

This is the first of a total of seven, to which are added specific national demands in each country, which you can find out in detail in the Pucallpa Mandate, which decides and mandates the mobilization.


In all Amazonian countries and the world:

1. Participate in and / or organize sit-ins in front of the headquarters of United Nations organizations on Indigenous Peoples (Special Rapporteur, ILO, CERD) and the OAS (IACHR, ACTO) and the European Human Rights Commission to carry out an emergency UN Mission to the Amazon, to verify and stop ethnocide and environmental destruction.

2. Send and / or deliver public letters to these same entities in your country, formally requesting the realization of this UN International Emergency Commission.

3. Participate in the actions agreed in each of the Amazon countries:

CIDOB / Bolivia: TIPNIS vigil, Santa Cruz march, bicycles

OPIAC / Colombia: «Fast Track», marches in Bogotá, Letivia, Mocoa

FOAG / French Guiana: Gold Mine, Macron, Cayenne March

CONFENIAE / Ecuador: Forum and Fair in Quito

ORPIA / Venezuela: Forums in Puerto Ayacucho and Lake Maracaibo

COIAB, APA, OIS (Guyanas and Suriname) to be defined

PERU, see below.

4. Take initiative and organize yourself, in your country, region or town, other actions of support and solidarity (sit-ins, marches, cultural events, forums, etc.), coordinating with the International Organizing Committee at this email: ayamtai08 @ gmail .com

5. Disseminate and communicate this mobilization as widely as possible. Create radio spots in audio, video, graphics, to help dissemination, coordinating with these emails: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

6. Pay directly, as a voluntary contribution, to promote this broadcast on facebook

7. Generate interviews, reports, etc., in the media to inform and convene this mobilization, coordinating with these emails: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

8. Have well-known public figures record video messages with a cell phone lasting 1 minute, joining and calling for the mobilization and send them for dissemination to these emails: coordinating with these emails: [email protected] / moniska118 @ gmail .com / [email protected]

9. Prepare and make public a formal communication from your organization or network in support of the mobilization and requesting the UN Emergency Mission to the Amazon, send them to these emails: [email protected] / [email protected] / jorgeagurto @

10. Contribute resources, as a voluntary contribution to the mobilization, for the transfer of Ashaninka leaders to Lima in Peru and to Santa Cruz in Bolivia, coordinating with this email: [email protected]


Spread the calendar of activities and participate in them:

Mobilization for Yaguas Communal Reserve

Other mobilizations in regions, to be defined

In Lima:

10am: National Congress Press Conference

11 am-1pm: Forum «Amazon Destruction and Indigenous Alternatives» (Faustino Sánchez Carrión Auditorium of the Congress.

2pm: Plantón at Ministry of Economy and Finance

5pm: Sit-in at the Chinese Embassy

7 pm: Cultural event in Plaza San Martín, downtown Lima / Contribute with your batucada, theater, musical number, etc., etc., coordinating with: [email protected]

Wear your white polo shirt because there will be screen printing to print slogans and symbols of the mobilization.

Find out at: Aidesep

Video: Best Frozen Shoulder Mobilization (July 2021).