Poly-Glu, the soy powder that makes water drinkable in seconds at 300 liters / $ 1

Poly-Glu, the soy powder that makes water drinkable in seconds at 300 liters / $ 1

The company was created by engineer Kanetoshi Oda in order to lower the cost of water purification and reduce the process time. The idea began to germinate in 1995, after suffering in person the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake and the cuts in the supply of drinking water that took place in Kobe. Later, in 2002, he founded the company and, together with the research team of scientist Mikito Yasuzawa, developed a biodegradable flocculant with the aim of being able to easily extract and collect pollutants from water at a low cost, ideal for countries with economic difficulties or in disaster areas.

With the Oda system, the purification is instantaneous and with a ratio of 300 liters / 1 $ helping to obtain drinking water quickly and thus reducing the incidence of diseases (cholera and diarrhea, as well as stomach diseases).

The company has focused on humanitarian aid rather than mass marketing of the product.

One of the many cases of application was among Somali children who fled their hometowns to escape famine and civil war. Poly-Glu began to be used in a tank with water where women and children fill their plastic bottles, said water was treated in combination with chlorine.

But what is Poly Glu?

It is a powder that has polyglutamic acid as a key ingredient, said acid belongs to the sticky substance of fermented soybeans. According to Nippon Poly-Glu, it helps speed up the coagulation of impurities in the water.

How is it used?

Its application is really very simple, according to the amount of water, the white Poly-Glu powder should be added and shaken, in a short time it will be seen how said powder traps the impurities in the water and they settle to the bottom. Then it is strained to separate the flocs and finally the water is boiled or treated with chlorine to finish the purification process.

Despite its high efficiency and years of its creation, Poly-Glu is not yet available to everyone.

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