Things you can do with a can

Things you can do with a can

They are also the basic materials with which the can is made, an almost immortal container whose essential properties do not deteriorate no matter how many times it is recycled, according to the Spanish Metalgraphic Association. For nature, they are also tough gnawing bones: depending on their composition and thickness, a can can take more than 100 years to degrade in the open. Therefore, they are used massively to protect almost anything: liquids, food, cleaning products, chemicals, paints and even tennis balls.

In 2016, each Spaniard threw an average of 13.2 kilos of plastic, cartons and cans into the yellow container, according to data from Ecoembes. Metal containers achieved a recovery rate of 84.8%, almost two points more than the previous year. Before this container goes to the container, and from there it starts the path towards a new circulation, you can extend its useful life a little more. Here we show you how to carry out your own recycling and transform a can into four new objects.

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