Argentina creates a system of climate change risk maps

Argentina creates a system of climate change risk maps

The Climate Change Risk Maps System is a website that allows you to plan the impact of climate change in order to make different decisions.

These are just some of the questions that the Climate Change Risk Maps System (SIMARCC) will try to answer: What are the climatic risks for long-term public works? What scenario can insurance companies expect 30 years from now? How much can a rise in temperatures or an increase in the rainfall regime impact overcrowded households?

Designed by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development "for decision makers, both in the public and private sectors", that is, the national government, provincial and local executives, but also investors, teachers, professors and scientists, the interactive platform allows visualize the various scenarios of threats and social vulnerabilities related to the phenomenon in two temporal borders: 2039 and 2100.

The maps can be downloaded and intersect different layers of socioeconomic information with climate threats and allow us to focus on the variables to envision the consequences that it will have in the departments of each province of the country. The information will make it possible to make adjustments and corrections in infrastructure works, development strategies and design of disaster prevention policies and, also, reduce investment risks.

The Government of Argentina presented on Tuesday the Climate Change Risk Maps System (Simarcc), an interactive platform that allows visualizing various threat scenarios and social vulnerabilities related to this phenomenon.

“It is a tool for planning the impact of climate change for the political decisions that we have to make because, without neglecting the emergency, what is urgent is the medium term, strategic planning,” said the Argentine Minister of the Environment, Sergio Bergman.

The new web platform will be available for decision-making, both in the public and private sectors.

For his part, the Secretary for Interministerial Coordination of the Cabinet Headquarters, Mario Quintana, said that it is necessary to know the truth to "be able to build durable solutions" and, in this case, the new application "is based on the weather truth."

“Even today there are leaders who deny the risks of climate change. We don't deny it, we put it on the table ”, he asserted.

According to the Ministry of the Environment in a statement, Argentina is highly vulnerable to climate change and is exposed in its entirety to extreme weather events, which are increasingly frequent.

The tool facilitates the graphical representation of the results obtained in the "Third National Communication", a report that Argentina presented in 2015 to the United Nations, detailing the country's progress on climate change and its effects observed.

The platform uses georeferenced spatial representation technologies and is adaptable to mobile devices.

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