In Europe alone, 200 thousand birds per year accidentally die from fishing

In Europe alone, 200 thousand birds per year accidentally die from fishing

The organization proposes some immediate solutions to reduce the mortality of birds in the nets. It is still possible to fish at night, use baits that are not attractive to birds or use vertical "lines".

Another organization, Working Group ofSea birds, also published a report that shows how accidental catches pose a serious threat to the survival of seabirds. Said report proposes working together with the fishing industry to assess problems and seek solutions without affecting their activity.

In these works it is mentioned that the accidental capture of birds also affects the fishing activity since it implies damage to the gear, loss of baits and other annoyances and therefore joint strategies are being sought.

Longline fishing

Longline refers to a type of gear used in artisanal fishing. The bottom longline rests on the seabed. The pelagic, or surface, longline floats adrift at sea.

In a similar way to the spinel, in which branch lines are tied to a main line, the longline is made up of a floating element in the shape of a bull, from which branch lines (usually a plastic thread) are held at the ends of which the hooks hang, with measurements that vary according to the catches (fish) sought.

There are several types of longline fishing in the world. Longline fishing consists of a single main branched line with hook lines connected to it. Its assembly depends on the place where the fish to be caught is.

Accidental catch is serious on the Catalan coast and SEO / BirdLife will focus its work in the area to prevent more deaths of shearwaters on longlines (a line from which baited hooks hang, which the birds try to catch during their setting, running the risk of being hooked and drowned)

The conservation organization has made this report public days before the European Parliament votes - on the 10th next - on the possible incorporation of measures to minimize accidental catches of seabirds in the different European regions, and has expressed concern about the possibility that a regulation is approved that does not include specific commitments to minimize this impact.

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