Toshiba creates an innovative battery, which lasts 320 km with only 6 minutes of charge

Toshiba creates an innovative battery, which lasts 320 km with only 6 minutes of charge

Toshiba proposes an innovative battery, but seriously innovative.

You have created a much lighter battery that has less capacity and requires more recharges. But sufficiency lies in an innovation: charging time.

Currently, in the best case, connecting the battery to the home network, an electric carmay need up to 7 hours to fully recharge. Nissan is introducing a charger that will be able to reduce the charge to 2 hours of standby time. But Toshiba aspires to achieve full autonomy in just 6 minutes with its new battery that will cover a distance of 320 kilometers.

Niobium and titanium oxide, this is the secret potion

This new battery makes use of a proprietary method in which, thanks to a process by which lithium ions are stored in a more efficient way, it is able to provide the benefits previously described.

“We are very excited about the potential of the new titanium niobium oxide anode. Rather than an incremental improvement, it is a game changer that will show a significant difference in the performance of electric cars. We will continue to improve the capabilities of the battery and we will try to bring the next generation of SCiBTM to the market in 2019 ”, declarations of one of the leading exponents of the company

Another advantage is the durability of the system that has innovated the Japanese firm. It is a very efficient battery concept and, above all, resistant. Apparently,maintains more than 90% of its capacity initial after having been subjected to about 5,000 charge and discharge cycles.

It has also been tested in harsh climates and shows very good performances in cold climates.

There is no date yet to see the battery in action, although we would be surprised to see a mass production of the same in a short period of time. What is certain is that it will not be the only one of this type that we see in the coming months.

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