The problem of Argentine forests and jungles

The problem of Argentine forests and jungles

The forest is a complex ecosystem formed byplantsanimalsmushroomsor moneras, of different species, that interact in a given environment: they are born, grow, some feed on the other, die and decompose.

This microsite explores some of the interrelationships present between the diverse organisms that are part of the forest and thebiotic and abiotic elements that make up forest ecosystems,

The loss of some 13 million hectares of forest per year, which accounts for 12% of the world's annual greenhouse gas emissions, makes fighting deforestation vital.

In Argentina, forests and jungles, in addition to concentrating considerable biodiversity,they play a fundamental role in climate regulation, maintenance of water sources and flows, and soil conservation. They are our natural sponge and protective umbrella. When we lose forests we become more vulnerable to heavy rains and we run serious risks of flooding.

Few candidates outline the value of the System of Protected Natural Areas as a fundamental element for the development of the country in topics such as: tourism, scientific research, identity, culture. It is necessary to know what they propose to ensure the conservation of these areas and their financing.

It is for this reason, that the National Deputy María Gabriela Burgos is asked who is delaying the Forest Crimes Law in the National Congress. The project was presented by Greenpeace Argentina almost a year ago and is being held back by the Criminal Legislation Commission chaired by the Jujuy representative.

Large agricultural producers and real estate developers violate the Forest Law and have no conviction: they are simply charged a negligible fine in relation to the money they earn from destroying forests. In many cases, the complicity of officials in violating the regulations is clear.

Few things inspire policymakers more than success stories collected on the ground. As negotiators around the world prepare for the upcoming climate meetings convened by the United Nations (UN).

Deputy Burgos must urgently summon the Criminal Legislation Commission to deal with the Forest Crimes Law. While your vote is delayed, illegal clearings are advancing.

It is important for the country to join the Cooperative Forest Carbon Fund (FCPF) as it is a global alliance that has become one of the main platforms for the exchange of knowledge on reducing emissions due to deforestation and forest degradation, conservation and sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD +), a financing mechanism whereby developed countries pay for the carbon that is retained in forests that developing countries protect instead to cut them down as it adds value to standing forests and remunerates countries with financing for verifiable reductions in emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and the sustainable use of forest resources and the conservation of biodiversity.

Christian Frers
Senior Technician in Environmental Management and Senior Technician in Social Communication (Journalist)

Video: Greenwashing global logging. DW Documentary (July 2021).