Space X will take the first tourists to the Moon. This is the Dragon V2 ship

Space X will take the first tourists to the Moon. This is the Dragon V2 ship

The first tourist to the moon will travel aboard one of the Dragon 2 capsules, from the American space company Space X, which will orbit the natural satellite.

The occasion will happen inthe second semester of the year 2018, in accordance with the plan announced by the American space company SpaceX. The idea of ​​this first trip is that two individuals can see the only natural satellite of our planet from very, very close, since they will orbit around, almost touching the lunar surface, although they will not be able to take a walk on it, sincethe mission does not contemplate that the ship lands.

The journey will last a week and will be remotely controlled, although travelers will have to go through prior training in case some kind of emergency occurs during the flight.

Elon Musk is the billionaire creator and manager of the company and tells that passengers whose identity is secret will travel in a Capusla, Dragon 2. They will bethe first humans, in the last 45 years, to travel to the moon The man last set foot on the satellite in 1972. According to Musk, "they will travel faster and further in the Solar System than anyone before." When the time comes, both the ship and the two passengers will undergo extensive testing.

“Just as the Apollo astronauts did before them, these individuals will travel into space and carry with them the hopes and dreams of all mankind, driven by the universal human spirit of explorationExplained SpaceX.

The Dragon V2 ship

The Dragon is a capsule that has a cone-shaped tip that is ejected after takeoff and a hold equipped with solar panels. It measures 4.4 meters high and 3.66 meters in diameter, although its wingspan reaches more than 16 meters with the solar panels extended. Its maximum load capacity is 3310 kg, between the hold and the pressurized section and it can carry aq 7 crew members, and the capsule is protected by the most resistant heat shield in the world, made with a material called PICA-X.

Others who have already traveled to space

The millionaire figure they have paid for the trip is unknown. Knowing previous cases we can get an idea.

The American TycoonDennis Tito fulfilled his dream of always traveling to space, back in 2001, and it did so aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan, and was destined for the International Space Station (ISS).

Dennis Tito was the first, but not the last, to make his dream come true and become a space tourist. Other millionaires who followed in his footsteps were the South African computer scientist and businessman Mark Shuttleworth, in 2002, orIranian-American millionaire Anousheh Ansari –The first female tourist to travel to space–, in 2006, among others.

Image: SpaceX

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