What sweet potato would you eat? See what this little girl discovered while trying to grow her

What sweet potato would you eat? See what this little girl discovered while trying to grow her

Organic food has a reputation for being expensive, but this video shows you the importance and horrible consequences of using agrochemicals. Elise wanted to do an experiment to find out how long it takes a sweet potato to germinate and after seeing the results she made this video. Much more graphic and educational than so many speeches about it.

The pesticides that are used, mainly glyphosate, intervene producing a disruption in a series of links and relationships with our physiology that end up collaborating with the appearance of all kinds of diseases, especially the great epidemic of autoimmune diseases, the current epidemic of cancers that is alarming.

If today 2 out of 10 suffer from cancer, we are going towards a future of 2 out of 3. And cancer is nothing more than an intelligent attempt by the body to defend itself, andthere is a medicine that still believes that cancer is the tumor. Cancer we are humans. A human with cancer is globally affected, the tumor is not the disease.

// What other types of diseases can agrochemicals cause?

We receive patients with systemic, neurological, skin, and digestive problems, for having been exposed to clouds, that is, for having been literally fumigated. Even an INTA employee who worked as an administrator next to greenhouses where glyphosate was fumigated and the wind carried the glyphosate to her office. There are people who come with a conjunction of diseases where cancer is the least serious.


Organic food may sound like a fad or fad to many, but the reality is that it is a highly specialized and profitable business around the world. However in many cases the market must be built through education, spreading the benefits of a diet that includes organic foods and convincing the public that these advantages are worth the extra cost.

Organic foods are grown without using any type of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which makes them much healthier. Its specific benefits are the subject of debate in the scientific community but it is impossible to deny that by not using artificial products to grow them, the environment benefits significantly.

Video: Growing Sweet Potato Slips UK (July 2021).