They discover an Inca "Lost City", in the middle of the jungle

They discover an Inca

The discovery of this pre-Hispanic Inca construction is located in the Peruvian jungle about four days on foot from the nearest town.

The remains were found by community members from the Cusco province of Calca who left from the Sacramento town. “First you go up the mountains and then you go down to the plain, it isa very difficult and complicated terrain“Explains one of the researchers, the community member Javier Paso.

The travelers found remains of constructions similar to those of the Inca civilization, among themwalls, terraces and even houses. "We call it'the lost City', although we hope that the professionals can tell us what it is really called and tell us exactly what it is about ”, says Javier Alegre, mayor of the town of Qorimayo, who suggests that the place found could correspond to the mythical Inca cityPaititilost in the Andes.

"We already knew about this place from stories that our grandparents told us and that were passed from generation to generation, we cannot say that it is about Paititi, but we believethe entrance to Paititi“, The mayor surmises.

The expedition was coordinated with the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State of Peru (Sernanp) and the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco. However, until nowno expert reports have been issued about the mysterious origin of the citadel in the Peruvian jungle.


Despite being an important discovery, this finding has generated a controversy, since the location of the citadel in the Sacramento sector, there is a problem in its limits, as some say that this belongs to the province of La Convencion, another group assures that this territory belongs to the province of Calca, so they await a response from the disconcerted direction of Culture to solve this problem that has generated a new conflict.

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