Greenpeace: tech giants pollute too much

Greenpeace: tech giants pollute too much

According to a Greenpeace complaint, some large technology companies are not complying with the reduction of environmental impacts that their activities generate.

Electronic waste, a big problem

This year, the world's electronic waste will exceed 65 million metric tons and the big technology companies are not doing much to prevent it.

Greenpeace USA in an investigation, examined the performance in key areas for sustainability, such as the reduction of emissions, the consumption of resources and the elimination of dangerous chemicals, in 17 technology companies.

The results

The report by the Greener Electronics Guide awarded 11 companies, including Huawei, Samsung, and Amazon, ratings of the D and F range and concluded that almost all of them should pay attention to the growing carbon footprint of their supply chains, Since of the carbon emissions that are generated during the entire useful life of a device, 80% correspond to its manufacture.

Companies like Google and Amazon are not transparent about their suppliers. Amazon refuses to report its own green footprint.

The fight against the production of electronic waste is urgent and recognizes some advances, such as the Dell company, which imposed a return system, through which customers hand over their obsolete devices, when acquiring new technologies.

Greenpeace insists that there is not enough information about what is being done and where this electronic waste ends.

NO to planned obsolescence

The Greenpeace study affirms that planned obsolescence has not been abandoned as a design system, but is increasingly used and gives as an example that many of the latest products presented by Microsoft, Apple and Samsung are very difficult ( and sometimes impossible) to update and / or repair.

In contrast, Greenpeace admits that some technology companies have opted for the use of recovered materials in the manufacture of new products. Apple says they are committed to "going deep" in the development of new products using renewable resources and / or recycled materials, starting with aluminum and tin.

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