Wasted !: Chef Bourdain's Documentary That Will Teach You Not To Throw Your Food

Wasted !: Chef Bourdain's Documentary That Will Teach You Not To Throw Your Food

It is time you asked yourself why you are wasting food.

When asked what he thought about Wasted! The story of food waste, the chef's new documentaryAnthony Bourdain, selected for the 2017 Tribeca Festival, said he hated the project idea because the subject is so serious, thathe even questioned whether humans deserve to live or not.

This is precisely what this documentary wants to achieve: make us wake up and make us uncomfortable, because How many times do you wonder where the food scraps you threw in the garbage are going? Or do you think it disappears by magic?

Every year,1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away, which corresponds to$ 218 billion worth of food you never eat Ya third of the world's food is thrown away even before it reaches the plate, according to Wasted !.

Thefood industry is the oldestcause of deforestation, due to the number of hectares that are needed to plant food such as soybeans, for example.

At the same time, it isthe one that uses the most water in its procedures and also, the main causing the loss of marine biodiversity and only inAmerica, 40% of food produced is thrown away.

So,Why do we keep producing more than we eat? All this is what the new documentary byBourdain and, in addition, other chefs such asMario BataliMassimo Bottura, demonstrate what we can do to stop throwing away good food, by cooking incredible dishes with food collected from the garbage.

By Rocío Contreras

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