Tangerine peel: 7 problems that you can cure with it

Tangerine peel: 7 problems that you can cure with it

The mandarin as many know is a citrus fruit very similar in shape to the orange, they are a little smaller and their skin is thinner. It is a sweet, juicy fruit and it also provides vitamins and nutrients, thus being an excellent option for your snack, either mid-afternoon or mid-morning.

The tangerine peel contains essential oils that are used in the perfume industry and also in skin care products. But many people are unaware of one of the hidden properties that this delicious fruit possesses, especially the peel.

The most normal thing is to observe how people throw away the peel when peeling a tangerine, since it is considered as garbage, and the truth is that they ignore the medicinal benefits it contains.


In case you did not know, the tangerine peel contains many benefits that will help you with good cholesterol levels, blood sugar and also help you have a healthy liver. There have been some studies that reveal that it helps the health of your digestive system, allowing you to digest fatty foods much better.

These are some of the ills that you can cure with mandarin peel and how to prepare it!


Add two tablespoons of mandarin peel to a glass of boiled water, let it steep for an hour and then drink it. You can take it three times a day and thus you can eliminate bronchitis quickly and naturally.


You should let the shells dry and in small pieces, in a glass of hot water add just two tablespoons of the shell and let it rest in a cool place for a week, after this time strain it and you will take only 20 drops of the liquid dissolved in a glass of water and take it before each meal three times a day.


In a container with a small mouth, place several fresh peels, add boiling water. The important thing here is to breathe in the steam that comes out of the container for at least 10 minutes. After this time, we recommend not exposing yourself.


For this problem you will use the dry peel, spray very well. You will get an orange powder so you will use it to add it to any food. In this way, it will help you to avoid stomach pain or flatulence.


This is very simple, you should rub the peel over the affected area twice a day for a week.


Place several tangerine peels in a small bag and keep them close to you, breathe in the aroma that emanates from them for 15 minutes. You can relieve minor headaches with the same technique.


In three liters of water add a glass of fresh mandarin peel, bring them to a boil and then let them rest for an hour. Strain the substance and use it to take a warm bath all over your body. We recommend doing this bath one day and one day.

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