Be amazed by the benefits of pineapple peel

Be amazed by the benefits of pineapple peel

Many are the fruits that provide great benefits to our body since they have truly amazing properties and pineapple or pineapple is one of them.

In addition to vitamins and minerals that nourish us and make us prevent certain diseases and problems in the body.

Each fruit has its own characteristics and benefits and it is good to be well informed about them. In this way we can take better advantage of them when choosing one to eat in our snack and simply to make a juice.

Fruits should be part of our daily diet, up to 3 per day, since their properties cannot be equaled to those of any other vitamin supplement in capsules.

The impressive thing here is that many times we focus on the pulp of the fruit, while the peel and even the seeds can be equal to or even more beneficial than the fruit itself.

Learn how to prepare the pineapple peel and get these benefits

In this case, we will talk about pineapple, which is a sweet-tasting citrus fruit, rich in vitamin C and various minerals.

This fruit has well-known benefits, as well as its diuretic function. But, what is not fully known is that its peel can provide more and better benefits.

Pineapple peel can help us improve digestion, it is also a diuretic, laxative and can act as an anti-inflammatory.

This peel contains very good antioxidants, especially one called bromethine, which is widely used in athletes to prevent and heal muscle injuries.

In this same way, this peel can also help us lose weight and is rich in minerals such as zinc, in addition to having vitamins B, A and C.

To prepare a tea from this shell, you just have to follow the following instructions:


  • 1 liter of water
  • Peel of a pineapple and a little pulp

Procedure and use:

  • First, you must boil the water and add the pieces of pineapple peel. Cook for ten minutes and then remove from the heat, let it rest and cool.
  • Strain the mixture and drink it, you can drink it hot or cold. It is best to do it in the morning on an empty stomach so that your body better assimilate the properties.

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