Argentina: Miryam Gorban "a food fraud is taking place"

Argentina: Miryam Gorban

Nutrition specialist Miryam Gorban discusses current events in the food industry, and the risks of "unidentified edible objects."

Miryam Gorban, Bachelor of Nutrition, Coordinator of the Free Chair of Food Sovereignty, of the UBA, explains in this conversation that the foods available to the vast majority of society “are not the same, before we had more diversity and access to fresh food ", And ensures that" healthy eating is conditioned not only by quality, but also by cost. "

Gorban, who is also a member of the Argentine Federation of Nutrition Graduates, also highlights that the chain of intermediation between the generation of the product and the final sale represents an alteration in prices: “the producers charge less and less and the consumers are paying more and more ”, and in terms of quality the specialist points out that“ the industry is producing food fraud ”.

However, according to the nutritionist, not all of it is bad news: "We have come a long way, free professorships have multiplied, there are 22 employees of public universities, awareness causes consumer demand to be directed towards healthier foods."

Video: Miryam Gorban. Soberanía Alimentaria (July 2021).