Swirling and / or electro-activated water?

Swirling and / or electro-activated water?

To this day, only two types of water treatments are known that actually reduce the molecular structure of water. And this is what it is about here. On the one hand, we have theswirled directed inward (centripetal force) and, on the other hand, theelectrolysis. In the first case, it involves the recovery of the natural structure that is mainly composed of small clusters of water that make it possible to store information in nature. In the second case, the reduction of the molecular structure takes place by means of the division of the water molecules by means of the electrolysis process with electrodes of noble metals by galvanic current.

Although this modification is only possible in the short term, it seems to have great therapeutic effects depending on the particularly noble metal electrodes. The goal of both methods is the reduction production of small hexagonal H2O structures that ensure health, harmony and well-being.

Not only electrical energy plays an important role in the body, but especially the structure itself. The chemistry, structure, and functionality of living water differ significantly from what is commonly understood by water today. It is not the H2O we generally come into contact with, but a highly ordered crystalline medium. Professor Gerald Pollak of the University of Washington has assigned this ordered hexagonal structure of H2O to a newly discovered state of matter.

Therefore, while the swirling brings it back to the hexagonal state established by healthy nature, that is, to a frequency pattern in harmony with nature, the noble metal electrodes and the direct current of the electrolysis process release forces that have a short but powerful therapeutic effect. Messy frequencies dissolve.

Inwardly directed swirling leads to natural water, while noble metal electrolysis offers a therapeutic form, with no side effects of any kind. H2O decomposes for a short time into oxygen and active hydrogen, and then reverts to normal water. Once the hydrogen donates the electron obtained thanks to this process for the regeneration of pathological processes in our body or in nature, the same normal water is obtained as previously.

Living water, on the other hand, structurally interacts with the fluids and proteins in our body. The idea that H2O is just a generic substance (vulgar or general) with a more or less arbitrary structure is too superficial an observation. Preservation of the orderly structure of water is a self-sustaining energy in water that must have a central bodily function with far-reaching consequences.

Electrolysis for its part has the ability to modify the condition of the electrical charge. It can take in additional electrons or give them away. The surprising thing is that H2O can behave as a disinfectant (Anolyte) or as an anti-disinfectant (Catolyte). A measurable parameter well known to physicists, chemists and biologists is the oxidation-reduction potential, that is, the ORP value. The more easily hydrogen water (Catolyte) gives up its electron, the better for the body. It has a negative charge with a negative ORP value. The acidic active H2O loses electrons. Its potential is +800 mV or higher. This water is a powerful antioxidant. When it comes into contact with bacteria or viruses it destroys them immediately.

Both treatments are very useful and, without a doubt, complement each other well. Ideally, the swirling is the enduring treatment in the water, while the hydrogen water returns to its original structure that it had before the splitting process. The short, but surprisingly great therapeutic effect is due to the energy of the electrons.


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