The life cycle of a t-shirt. This is how crazy the world is

The life cycle of a t-shirt. This is how crazy the world is

“It is not that sustainable fashion is expensive, it is that the cheap thing is to exploit” and the current production model comes out on the market with much cheaper figures because “it does not pay salaries to the people who produce and consume resources and pollutes without any kind of limit ”and therefore does not include these costs in its production process.

There are "keys that the consumer must know to change the concept that this type of fashion is expensive" such as that the cultivation of cotton, which only accounts for 3% of textile production, consumes 25% of pesticides and pesticides used.

Thus, the mass production of clothing "poisons the earth", just making a 250 gram cotton T-shirt involves a consumption of 2,900 liters of water and, in addition, the intensive use of the land causes the loss of 120,000 square kilometers of land cultivable per year.

80% idle of the closet

The average use of a garment in Europe is six times. “So the statistics say. It is quite common for someone to point out that they have clothes in the closet that they have not worn. We give 20 percent of all the clothes we have 80 percent use. And the other 80 per cent of the clothes we barely use 20 per cent. This is everyone's closet; we have too much of many things.


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