See how this 3D printer works, which promises to turn old clothes into new

See how this 3D printer works, which promises to turn old clothes into new

Having clothes like new without leaving our home, without spending and taking care of the environment, will be possible thanks to an invention that will revolutionize the textile industry: a 3D printer.

It seemsScience fiction, despite the fact that we already know the scope of a 3D printer. This technology can already make bricks, ecological objects, food, etc. So, it is not very far from reality that we can also create new, personalized clothes, reusing our old clothes.

The printer models that will revolutionize fashion

The industrial designerJoshua Harrishas invented a concept of3d textile printer that could hit the market in 2050. For now, his idea has received the Desing Lab 2010 award, and works with cartridges that would either be bought from clothing designers or reloaded with the same fabrics used in old clothes that, once decomposed, they will be used for later reuse.

In either case, throughtemplateswe could get new garments created at the moment, in an ecological way or, at least, greener than now, becausewe would save in raw materials, transportation and money. In addition to being a perfect solution to make better use of space at home, where there is never any excess.

This design proposalfuturistic To recycle clothes at home is not the only one, far from it.Zero Waste Recycling It is another project that, if everything goes according to plan, can also come true in the medium term to propose something similar, although in this case the printer incorporates a full-body 3D scanner.

According to its creator,Karonlin K├Árge, an Estonian design student, every morning the scanner would analyze our figure and propose a series of garments that would fit us like a glove. We could evensee them on a screen, virtually placed on our body. Then we would simply choose the design and color, let the printer work and in a few minutes we would have the clothes printed.

As it is easy to understand, developing this project is tremendously difficult, because in addition to the countlesscomplications techniques that must be faced to move it forward, thesame materialthen it has to become raw material to be recycled the next day.

In both cases, popularize This way of understanding clothing would lead to a radical transformation of the textile industry that, among other things, would be a great step forward to help take care of the planet. But it cannot be forgotten that they are still projectsbudding, and if they come true, the logical thing is that they take their time to be affordable.

Even so, as ideas that seek to improve our well-being and that of the planet are priceless, and their incrediblepotential, especially given the surprisingadvances they are coming up with 3D printing.

Recondition and repair clothing

Another option, perhaps greener, is to lengthen the useful life of clothes. Not so much with special materials, which are more durable, repellent to stains, odors or dirt in general, but through a restoration almost miraculous.

Shahs System, This is how the invention has been baptized that promises to leave clothes as new without having to go to the dry cleaner, although it is aimed at delicate garments. In just ten minutes, clean, iron and remove odors without using water. According to its creators, Proctor & Gamble and Whirlpool, it simply uses a magical combination ofheat and detergent It is applied in the form of a cartridge to make it like new, as shown in the video. It seems practical, but better hit play and draw your own conclusions ...

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