Viral video about Happiness

Viral video about Happiness

The philosophical position of happiness is a continuous discussion today, however the vision of everyday life makes us see it through a somewhat foggy glass.

Visual artist Steve Cutts has shared a video with the analogy of the “rat race”, a term that Kiyosaki created, very popular for the success of the bookRich father poor father. This concept refers to how we are trapped inside a running wheel, like the mice in these exercise toys for rodents.

Here the videoHappiness:

Cutts' video has gone viral on Facebook, already with more than 3.7 million views.

"The race of the rat, synthesizes the figure of a mouse running inside a wheel, without being able to leave it"


His material criticizes the modern routine in which we are enrolled daily, he describes himself as: "A self-taught hermit who sometimes likes to do animation, illustration, sculpture and pastel, mainly pastel."

Video: Happiness is helping others (July 2021).