Trump calls for "a little global warming" for the US

Trump calls for

“Maybe we could use a bit of that old global warming that our country, but not others, was going to pay billions of dollars to combat. Bundle up! "Trump said on Twitter.

This unfortunate comment was issued by the US president in reference to the cold wave that the country experienced a day ago.

In many municipalities on the northeast coast, record temperatures have been registered, such as Embarrass and Cotton, in Minnesota, 40 degrees below zero; -35 degrees in Watertown, New York; or negative 20 degrees in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Trump's message continues to polemicize his position on global warming as a denier of its existence despite the scientific evidence that proves it. He accuses scientists of manipulating data and confuses these occasional meteorological events to deny that the climate has changed because of greenhouse gas emissions.

Let us remember that the president withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement, denying the existence of climate change and claiming that it is a Chinese story to make his country lose competitiveness.

But it is undeniable that the increase ingreenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2) and other compounds, causes theincreased temperatures, the melting of the polar ice caps and the rise in sea level. The consequences of climate change, as recently warned by thousands of scientists, will cause irreversible changes in ecosystems, biodiversity and physical systems, in addition to multiplying the risks to agricultural crops, food security and the availability of water.

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