Decontaminate the air: Counterfog system

Decontaminate the air: Counterfog system

Counterfog is a system originally conceived to neutralize Nuclear-Radiological, Biological and Chemical agents immediately.After four years of development, the system has amply demonstrated its efficiency in decontaminating the air of all types of dispersed agents.

As coordinator of this project funded by the FP7 program of the European Commission, the professor at the University of Alcalá Dr. José Luis Pérez Díaz has presented this innovative system at the first international scientific congress on CBRN held in Rome:

Although the COUNTERFOG system was originally devised for the neutralization of CBRN agents, it has also shown its effectiveness in the decontamination of diesel particles responsible for numerous respiratory diseases in cities with high levels of pollution. The most dangerous agents are those airborne smaller than 2.5 µm, as they are able to penetrate our respiratory system and even reach the blood.

The COUNTERFOG system has proven to be capable of clear the air of small toxic particles, spores or bacteria in a few minutes.

How does COUNTERFOG work?

The COUNTERFOG system uses tiny water droplets of just the exact size. In his presentation, Professor Pérez Díaz invited the audience to imagine themselves as particles smaller than 10 µm being carried by a current of air. “They would be like in a jam or a jelly. They could not move because the effect of the viscosity of the air would prevail over any other effect ”, indicated the professor. If the water droplets were too large, the particles would follow the flow of the air and simply float around the droplet without being captured. On the other hand, if the water droplets were too small, they would not disturb the air flow and the scattered particles would escape. Therefore, the The COUNTERFOG system works efficiently by using droplets of just the right size to capture toxic agents and make them fall.

Likewise, these drops can also be used with the aim of efficiently hydrolyzing gases in the atmosphere.

This system has been tested in a laboratory with substitutes through several decontamination tests. The results show a reduction of between 2 and 3 orders of magnitude. Further,other chemicals can be added to the water droplets to improve decontamination results such as disinfectants.

Video: Air Decontamination System Counterfog (July 2021).