Did you know that you can eat the peel of these fruits?

Did you know that you can eat the peel of these fruits?

Most of the time, we remove the peel of the fruits that we are going to consume due to the doubtful origin of its cultivation, due to the presence of waxes and colorants or residues of agrochemicals.

We know that all the vitamins and fibers are found in the peel and it would be appropriate to eat the whole fruit ... but did you know that these fruits can also be eaten with the peel?

There are at least four well-known fruits whoseshell it is fit to be consumed and most discard it immediately. They are orange, watermelon, pineapple and kiwi.

According to specialists, the peels of these fruits have properties that can be very beneficial for people.


Theshell This fruit is not only low in calories, but it is also a natural source of vitamin C and B-6.

The inner part of the rind, white in color, is characterized by containing citrulline (which can also be found in the pulp of the fruit), a substance that has the ability to cause blood vessels to relax. In addition, when it is metabolized it is transformed into an amino acid called arginine, which has beneficial effects on the heart, the circulatory system and the immune system.

Learn about the six uses that you can give to the watermelon rind here.

The Kiwi:

Although the shell The hairy kiwifruit may seem unappetizing, it contains more vitamin C than the pulp and three times more fiber than the inside. It is totally edible, but you should wash it well to remove all dirt.

It also contains potassium and Omega 3. Learn more about kiwi here.

The Orange:

hisshell It is commonly used as an essence and flavoring, mainly for desserts. Who has not ever eaten a sponge cake with orange zest? It can also be dipped in chocolate, such as candied fruit, etc.

This part of the fruit has the property of lowering LDL cholesterol or, as it is called, “bad cholesterol”. It also has high concentrations of limonin, a substance that, according to studies conducted by the Leicester School of Pharmacy in the United Kingdom, can help fight cancer. It should be added that it also contains pectin, which reduces blood sugar levels and decreases appetite.


This fruit has ashell with diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being a blood cleanser.

This peel contains very good antioxidants, especially one called bromethine, which is widely used in athletes to prevent and heal muscle injuries.

In the same way, this peel can also help us lose weight and is rich in minerals such as zinc, in addition to having vitamins B, A and C.

The best way to ingest it is as an infusion or tea with boiling water. How to prepare pineapple to benefit from its properties here.

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