Disinformation specialists. The media and its worst lies

Disinformation specialists. The media and its worst lies


The time when it was enough to say "I have read it in the newspaper, I heard it on the radio, I have seen it on television" to silence all skeptics, is out of fashion. What is written in the newspaper, what is heard on the radio, what is shown to us on television, no longer has the credibility of before. A new profession is carving a space to create news that responds well to what is expected of those who pay them. They present themselves as the makeup specialists of lies to present them as if they were truths. They know how to turn the truth into a lie and make the lie what is most true. A career that has its price and that is well suited to those who need to have control of information to carry out their projects not always dedicated to the orphans or the dispossessed. These image and review makers know how to sell themselves. They have all the appearance of people who cannot lie and even less to their readers or auditors.

We already know the functions of the press advisers of the Ministers and representatives of the large national and international institutions. Their tasks are to bring out the beautiful and good sides of their patterns, while subtly showing all the bad sides of their adversaries. That these advisers treat the information in a way that favors their bosses does not surprise anyone and it seems normal that this is the case.. In the city where I live, we had a mayor who, recently arrived at his post, sought out a specialist who knew how to ensure a good image. He managed to find one in France that he hired at a fairly high salary. What happened is that that specialist, instead of improving his popularity, he made it go down. The mayor did not take long to return it to where it came from. In this case it is a communication advisor whose responsibility is to ensure the good image of his boss.

In the case of the written press and national and international news bulletins, the situation is different They are not communication specialists but of journalist in information. The public expects these large information networks with their journalists to contribute verified facts and provide analysis that allows them to better understand what is happening in any region of the world. They are the only source of information for more than 80% of the population.

For example, in our representative democracies, governments decide everything but need to maintain a good image with the people. For example, in cases of military expenditures and military interventions in other countries it is convenient for them let the voters know that they do it for humanitarian reasons and not to conquer countries, wealth and many other objectives that have nothing to do with humanity.

They are tens of billions of dollars that are committed each year in the matter of armaments and military interventions in countries around the world. Political leaders and the media do not care so much about giving good and fair information about reality but to convince the public opinion, through various assemblies, that these expenses and military interventions are justified.

Over the last ten years, we have seen a kind of peak in the establishment of media to mislead national and international public opinion. The techniques are multiple and allow the adjustment of reality to the interests of the actors. The international network of the media linked to the same owners ensures the worldwide diffusion of their truth.

Let's see what this misinformation gives

In the case of Iraq

We have been persuaded that there were weapons of mass destruction, and that it was urgent to intervene before Saddam Hussein comes to poison us all. It was later that we realized that it was a big lie supported by our media.

In the case of Libya

They convinced us that Gaddafi was bombing entire populations of civilians for the mere pleasure of killing. This was also a big lie, maintained by our media. The leader of the false Libyan revolution admitted, later many others, that Gaddafi did not kill the protesters.

In Syria

What was not said so that the world knows that President Al-Assad is a bloodthirsty dictator who has no respect for human rights and, like Gaddafi, takes pleasure in killing innocent victims? Numerous are the testimonies that say otherwise. Again the lies disguised in truths allow to send weapons and money to pay mercenaries.

What to say about what happened in Ukraine?

For months we were told that the former president was no longer fulfilling his obligations and that the Ukrainian people could no longer bear it. Therefore, this people, taken hostage by a president without conscience, had to be helped. We now know that a coup d'état took place and that the elections that took place a few weeks ago made it possible to make people docile to the West. The facts increasingly reveal that we were lied to in this case as well.ína/?relatedposts_exclude=9395

Cuba and Fidel

This same stratagem applies to Cuba and Fidel Castro for over fifty years. What has not been said about Fidel and what has not been done to make him disappear? He is the man who seeks to destroy morally and physically, and he is still there, simply living in a house without luxury or brilliance. The latest disinformation operation to be published is to present him as a billionaire whose fortune could be hidden on a secret island. Another great lie through a book that the French magazine is dedicated to promoting. I leave you in reference to a comment by Fidel about all those lies campaigns against Cuba.

Government from Venezuela revealed the plan launched by the Venezuelan right and Washington to assassinate President Maduro. For several months, a campaign of denigration of the President and the Bolivarian Revolution has been abundantly maintained and supported by our official media. Maduro is spoken of as a dictator, who oppresses students who demonstrate peacefully, who does not respect human rights, etc. Again, lies above lies. They were updated by the government. What the opposition and its allies presented as a peaceful demonstration by the students, turned out to be a national and international plot involving Washington, among others.

Each time events advance in time, the more we discover the lies put at the disposal of a Machiavellian manipulation of public opinion. Disinformation specialists consecrate themselves as true artists to create illusion and similarity with the truth to guarantee military and other interventions, thus pursuing ends that have nothing to do with the interests of the affected peoples.

In all matters relating to United States interventions in the world, I refer you to this article on asymmetric warfare and violence in the United States. I don't think you will find this article in the newspapers that serve the system.

Finally, I leave you with the testimony of a journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, who resigned for professional reasons, after having worked in the largest information networks in the United States, including CNN and CBS. She tells us what happens in the midst of misinformation.

At the moment the father of lies is still imposing himself as the father of truth, but it is possible that his hours are numbered. Languages ​​become detached and consciences awaken.

By Oscar Fortin

Translator: Marius Morin


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