"Carbofuran devours condors and children with wings"

The mandarin of Rocío, of Mburucuyá, the 34 condors of Malargue, the child of General Alvear, the 200 dogs of Ignacio Correas, Diógenes (75 years old), bathed in poison in a Santa Fe town, the 150 dogs of Pirovano, the birds that they fall dead from the sky in the fields, the suicide family of Embarcación, life itself, paralyzed and without air.

The production model (mining, agrarian, social) endorsed in Argentina by orthodox political unanimity, is founded and sustained by poison. In a war declared against the different reverberations of life, it alternates its weapons of mass destruction to ensure its fatal effectiveness. Thecarbofuran it stands today as the toxic star that can destroy every vital sign that flies or walks and leaves a single and crystalline soybean sprout in the midst of the devastation. Glyphosate sustains its symbolic power in the Olympus of pesticides. ButFuradan (trademark of the insecticide) has woven scrolls to be a deity in a country wherethe most lethal poisons are the basis of food production.

Carbofuran, In addition to having lethal efficiency against insects and birds, it is a systemic insecticide: the plant absorbs it from the root and distributes it in stems and leaves. It is listed as extremely toxic and is a relentless predator of fish, birds and bees. Europe banned it in 2008 and the United States is on the verge of doing it, but in Argentina it is barely restricted by Senasa: it is only banned for pear and apple plantations. Therefore, it is a legal poison, which is traded and used with the same irresponsibility as the rest of the pesticides and without a minimum control from a state policy that, rather than monitor it, supports it. More than protecting yourself from it places you at the base of your build.

Birds are beloved victims of carbofuran: maliciously presented in grains, the bird mistakes it for a seed and the false seed ravages it. It is not a literary image that the birds rain from the sky in the fields.

The massacre of 34 condors in Malargue it was possible from dead goats and sheep loaded with poison. An effective tallow for the royal bird and chief of the sky but also a scavenger. The condors that the Furadán killed are more than those that cross the skies of Venezuela today. They produce young only every two years. They live 70. And they are increasingly absent in a fierce land.

Carbofuran is, among the pesticides, one of the most implacable with humans: onlyaldicarb and parathion get over it. Just one milliliter devastates a person. Perhaps that efficiency sought the marriage and their daughter from Embarcación that in March 2016 they took Furadán. And they died almost instantly.

The more than 200 dead dogsin Ignacio Correas, a town near La Plata, they collapsed when they made contact in grass in an almost rural area. It was winter 2017. They all had carbofuran in their guts.

Some 150 dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and wild birds were struck down in Pirovano in 2012. A town near Bolívar that was reported to the national media by an inexplicable death. Until the criminal weapon was discovered: they were all laden with carbofuran.

Diogenes Chapelet He was 75 years old and lived surrounded by fields in a remote hamlet in Santa Fe. Life made sense when he sat in his wooden chair on the patio, to watch eternity where the sun is ending and to listen to what the birds say to certain secret hours. Twice the mosquito - 25 meters from his mate and his rest - bathed him in poison. The last one was lethal. His family reported and complained. But they shut her up under sheer threat. His body succumbed to the widespread ingestion of carbofuran.

In 2017, the use of agrochemicals grew exponentially again. The reduction of withholdings generated the acceleration up to four million tons. Everything is ingested, breathed in, absorbed through the skin, drunk, consumed in vast territories of the country. Where children grow up on hostile food, far from sovereignty, stalked by poison.

As Rocío, when I went to catechism one afternoon in Mburucuyá. He picked up a tangerine in the vicinity of a gate. She was paralyzed and died. It was discarded mandarin, which the producer injected with Furadán to kill the crows in his crops. Rocío was 12 years old. He sang in Guaraní. And it also had wings.

Or the unnamed creature, who was two years old and ate deadly cookies made with carbofuran in General Alvear, a rural town in Santa Fe. His family lived on the fifths and they probably used the Furadán to kill the birds. Fatality is not destiny, but rather a political decision that a few deaths will have to be granted so that profitability is what is sought and the system is perpetuated. Children are collateral damage in this war without war. Because the one who kills is only one.

By Silvana Melo

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