A small self-sustaining wooden house

A small self-sustaining wooden house

We will learn about an interesting design alternative for a small self-sustaining house built with recycled materials, the design of the house works well both in summer and winter and the air conditioning can be controlled from the comfort of a mobile phone, it is the Soleta ZeroEnergy house One.

Facade of the small self-sustaining house

Each element of the house has a function, so the thickness of the wood that covers the terrace and the virtual roof of the window provide protection against the sun but at the same time when the season changes they also fulfill the function of protection as you will see more forward (Photo:

97% of the house is built with recycled materials, so even in the construction it is friendly to the environment.

The design of the walls are inclined and are covered with tiles, they form a structure similar to a truncated pyramid, this structure has its benefits in terms of control and capture of the sun's rays, but in terms of internal operation you have to take some care in interior design so that people can move without problems, we will see that later.

About 48 square meters have been built without including the terrace, however the house is spacious thanks to the good work of the exterior wooden structures, something that we have also seen in the LISI small passive house, which won the competition last year for working entirely with solar energy.

In the harsh winter the house can withstand the onslaught of snow thanks to its strong inclined structure as we will see below.

Home interior design

The interior of the house is mostly minimalist, both the furniture and the decoration have simple design lines.

The bathroom looks modern, designed along with a metal mesh that serves to let in natural light and also to ventilate it.

An interesting work from Chalmers University of Technology is the Halo self-sustaining house that bears some relation in terms of internal structure to the house we just saw from FITS, please take a look for more design ideas for houses that generate your own. Energy.

Design: Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies (FITS)
House: Soleta ZeroEnergy One

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