Australia is going to plant a billion trees against global warming

Australia is going to plant a billion trees against global warming

The Australian government is preparing to plant one billion trees to meet the climate goals set by the Paris Agreement.

This project will run until 2050 and has the potential to eliminate more than 16 million tons of greenhouse gases per year. It is seen as a rapid response to climate change and serves as an example for many countries that are not complying with the agreement.

According to researcher Thomas Crowther from ETH Zurich, planting trees around the world could reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, to the point of nullifying a decade of human emissions. According to him, trees are the most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change.

Crowther told The Independent that one billion trees is just a start, compared to the 1.2 trillion trees the Earth could support. This project can even replace other less efficient methods for the issue of climate change, such as the construction of wind turbines and vegetarian diets, in the opinion of the ecologist.

According to him, the complete restoration of forests is somewhat unrealistic, but tree planting is increasingly recognized as a critical activity to preserve life on Earth. Crowther says everyone can get involved in planting the trees. In addition to making people happier in urban environments, they improve the quality of air, water, food, and ecosystem service. In other words, planting trees is something tangible and accessible to everyone.

By Eliane A Oliveira

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