Help save the Mulu jungle

Help save the Mulu jungle

An oil palm plantation threatens Sarawak's only UNESCO Heritage area. In the vicinity of Gunung Mulu National Park, the forest has already been cleared to establish a palm plantation. The Berawan and Penan indigenous population oppose the project that ends their forest and livelihood.

The Mulu rainforest is no exception: palm oil plantations are expanding at an alarming rate. This contradicts the promises of the Malaysian government not to cut down forests to allow the expansion of oil palm monoculture. The concession is in the hands of the Radiant Lagoon company.

The Bruno Manser organization reports that logging for the plantation of 4,400 hectares has already started. But it can be stopped. If we act quickly, we can help Penan and Barawan protect their territories.

Please, together with these indigenous peoples and the Bruno Manser Fonds, demand a moratorium on new oil palm plantations and the immediate halt of logging in the Mulu jungle.


To: Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad; Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg

Dear Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad,
Dear Mr. Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg:

In the vicinity of Mulu National Park, they are destroying the rainforest to plant oil palm. The destruction goes against the will of the local Penan and Berawan indigenous peoples and threatens the biodiversity of the adjacent area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Malaysian government is not fulfilling its promise not to cut down the rainforest for the establishment of oil palm monocultures.

However, it is not too late to stop the destruction. Please immediately revoke the concessions already granted and impose a moratorium on new oil palm plantations.

Please defend the Penan and Berawan of your territory and stop the deforestation of the Mulu jungle.


Video: Welcome to the jungle, Gunung Mulu National Park (July 2021).