Five ways to take care of our uric acid and the environment at the same time

Five ways to take care of our uric acid and the environment at the same time

Health, money and love, the song went. Those are the three most important aspects we have in our life. It is in our power to take care of all of them so that happiness surrounds our house as long as possible. However, there are other factors that we must think about for our sake and our descendants. It's about the planet.

Thus, while money and love belong to a more personal framework of our existence, health care can take place from the outside. Every day millions of people take to the streets to run, walk and exercise in order to maintain a long and healthy life. To achieve this, it is not even necessary to know what uric acid is (, although this is one of the elements of our body that can create the most problems, especially in the joints.

Sport, however, can be extremely boring, so we usually bet on listening to music, a radio program or talking with a companion while we go for a walk. By introducing an environmental factor, however, we will take care of our environment while lowering our uric acid levels. Here are some ways to do it:

  • It is a new sport born in Sweden that combines garbage collection with running. To do this, it is only necessary to find an area where waste proliferates and grab a garbage bag that we will fill with all the waste that we find. There are even races in which the people who complete the course in the shortest time and collect the most trash will be victorious.
  • The recycling route. It is something as simple as separating the containers and depositing them in containers that we previously locate throughout the city. However, we will not bet on the closest ones, but we will carry the garbage to strategic areas where we will deposit our load while eliminating uric acid from our suffering joints.
  • Beach cleaning. With this type of action we will unite tourism to the sport and health equation. It is a good opportunity to dedicate ourselves thoroughly cleaning rocks and sand, thereby exercising our muscles and obtaining the final prize of a rewarding bath.
  • Tree plantation. It will provide an extra oxygen to our beloved planet but it will allow us to live one of the best possible life experiences. In addition, by digging and caring for the seed we will abandon the jaded sedentary lifestyle to become active and dynamic people.
  • Promote the use of green areas. The running fashion has allowed arboreal spaces to proliferate in cities. However, the different administrations will only bet on them as long as they remain useful for citizens. For this reason, it is necessary to practice sports near green areas, something that is also extremely gratifying for our lungs. In this way, the uric acid in our body will disappear at the speed of light and the discomfort in the joints will remain in the past as a bad memory.

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