The destruction of the planet can still be reversed

The destruction of the planet can still be reversed

Each and every one of us is clear that human activities are destroying the planet. The human species is guilty, without a doubt, of the contamination of rivers, lakes and oceans; the disappearance of forests, soil degradation, the destruction of ecosystems; in short, of the degradation of the quality of air, land and water.

Why have we done it? Simply to seek to improve our standard of living, to give more comfort to our daily lives, to be fashionable, to have the latest technology, to obtain more profits.

But the train that we are on and that is advancing along this path that we have been traveling as a species for hundreds of years, has hit a wall. That wall is the natural balance of the global environment.

Unfortunately the speed at which we have been advancing has been too great and in that crash we have broken, cracked, partially destroyed it. We ourselves have also been harmed by the blow and we will continue to be by the consequences of breaking a necessary balance that took millions of years.

We are now in a complicated dilemma, each step we take forward is at the cost of breaking that wall a little more, of unbalancing the planetary environment even more. The problem is that we have always moved in only one direction, forward and we have never considered other alternatives.

Moving on, now would mean self-destruction. It would mean pawning our future and being left without any possibility of repairing the damage, it would mean the end of life as we know it and perhaps the very extinction of our species.

We are then faced with a complicated situation. We must abandon the path that they taught us since we were little, which was the only one, the same path that our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents traveled and much beyond.

From one day to the next, in historical terms, if we want to survive, we are being forced to abandon much of the known, many of our habits, customs and much of our way of life.

We have all the scientific knowledge necessary to do so. We could begin to solve in a matter of months each one of the environmental and social problems that exist in the world. In a few years we could achieve more forests than anyone has seen in recent generations. In even less time, we could clean almost all the rivers on the planet until we can drink water from them. End hunger and thirst, with hundreds of diseases. Restore the biodiversity of huge regions and repair many of the environmental damage that we have committed.

But for this, we should also use less energy, carry out a gigantic world agrarian reform, not only in terms of land ownership, but fundamentally in how and for what it is used. There should be no billionaire people, billionaire companies and billionaire countries. We would have to stop making weapons, minimize waste, and reuse and recycle most of what we use. Stop producing superfluous items and produce only what is really necessary.

The world would have to stop “being fashionable” and having “the latest technology”. Spend fewer hours on television and more on social and environmental tasks such as planting trees, educating and educating ourselves and raising awareness among the new generations. Make many decisions based on the planet and not on our personal desires.

The environmental disaster we have caused is still reversible. A better world is still possible and we have the tools to achieve it, only the political and social decision to do so separates us from it. By keeping hope and working very hard, we can achieve it.

Ricardo Natalichio

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