Only a sociocultural change can prevent the extinction of the Human Being

Only a sociocultural change can prevent the extinction of the Human Being

The survival of a large number of species, both animals and plants, is in imminent danger of extinction.

Pollution, climatic factors, habitat and ecosystem destruction have been causing a chain effect for a few decades that will be quite difficult to stop.

From the Central American coral reefs to the Arctic polar bears, each and every one of the species that inhabit the planet has seen their environment modified to a greater or lesser extent, they have had to adapt to the small or large changes that occur. have been producing. They have had to modify their eating habits, reproduction habits, and others in order to survive a new reality that looms over every corner of the planet. Or they have simply become extinct.

Most of these changes, to a large extent, have their origin in human activities. In mining, lumber, cellulose, agro-livestock, fishing; in mega-enterprises such as dams, or simply in the growth of populations, with their roads, electricity lines, highways or railways.

The excessive growth and without any environmental planning of the consumption of goods and services, has been requiring the use of more and more natural resources every day. And we are not using them in an environmentally sustainable way. This means that we are consuming and degrading them at a much faster rate than recovery. And that, if they continue like this, sooner or later they will become extinct.

As if the degradation of natural resources were a small thing, secondary effects are also beginning to appear, such as all those derived from climate change produced by the emission of greenhouse gases, which in many cases are also accelerating these degradation processes.

The fight against Climate Change should be understood not as a scientific fight, but as a sociocultural fight. It is not science that is going to save us from an environmental catastrophe on a planetary scale, but rather a radical change of paradigms in the behavior of human societies.

It will be useless if new cars pollute 50% less than the old ones, if we double their amount. Nor that we use new materials that save energy if to extract them we have to blow up mountains, use millions of tons of water and destroy ecosystems in biodiverse regions.

The tools to forge this sociocultural change are in our hands, but no one has taught us to use them and the owners of the world fill us with distractions and put sticks in our wheels because it is not in their interest for us to learn. However, little by little we are doing it. Unfortunately for many it is too late, but for many others we are still on time.

By Ricardo Natalichio

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